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Sports Injury

Sports Injury Therapy is at the heart of what Total Health is about. Our practitioners have worked at the highest level of elite sports medicine with Aston Villa FC, West Ham United FC and players from Real Madrid, Leeds United and Chelsea FC. Although, we are just as happy dealing with aspiring sports men and women of the future, grass roots and Sunday kick arounds alike!

The Total Health Difference

Total Health provides the most thorough and comprehensive treatment of Sports Injury. Our unique setup allows the patient to be assessed by sports therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors. It is often difficult for patients to know which therapy would benefit them most. Quite simply at Total Health, that doesn’t have to be a problem as we can help make that decision with you. Many of our clinics are located within Health Clubs, and therefore we have an unrivalled level of equipment and facilities to aid your recovery and return to sport.

Sport And Injury

Sadly, in the pursuit of better health, sometimes things go wrong. It is not unusual for the body to breakdown due to excessive action, over-or-poor use of the body, failure to warm up or cool down. Exercise when performed in moderation and in a graduated way is very beneficial. However, being a little over enthusiastic can sometimes create more harm than good. Poor conditioning, inappropriate equipment or just bad luck can cause injury. A good warm up and cool down routine is important in preventing further sports injury.

What Should I Do If I Injure Myself?

If in doubt- rule yourself out is the phrase in professional football. Stop playing immediately to prevent further injury. Initial treatment can be orientated around PRICEMM (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Mobility and Management).

A simple ice pack applied to the injured area for 10-15 minutes can work wonders at relieving pain and reducing swelling. If after 48 hours the pain is still there it’s time to seek professional help. Our therapists can adapt the PRICEMM model to you and your injury.

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