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We have been proving Acupuncture since 2000, and have the largest team of Acupuncturists in the area. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated group of practitioners, your health couldn’t be in better hands.

Acupuncture is one of our most in demand therapies, and is being greatly recommended by the local doctors, World Health Organization and National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

Our clinics in Cambridge, Peterborough, Spalding, Huntingdon, Kings Lynn and Stamford have unrivaled levels of experience in Acupuncture, with seven highly qualified practitioners to choose from, why not call today and book your Acupuncture appointment.

Our Acupuncturists are members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) or the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Types Of Acupuncture

There are many versions of Acupuncture available, Five-Element, Traditional Chinese, Western or Medical Acupuncture and Trigger Point Therapy. Happily, at Total Health Clinics we provide them all.

Eastern Acupuncturists use a holistic approach to health based on over 2000 years of developments and refinements in the Far East.

Western-style or medical acupuncture is a more recent development practiced predominantly by doctors and physiotherapists which uses a more limited range of acupuncture techniques on the basis of a western medical diagnosis.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture – originating in China some 2000 years ago is a health system that treats a wide variety of conditions affecting people of any age. Chinese philosophy states that our well-being and health relies on the flow and balance of energy, known as Qi, through out our body. Blockages and interruption in these energy meridians creates and maintains poor health. The balance of these equal & opposite qualities is known as Yin and Yang.

Your therapist will assess these qualities as part of your consultation and will provide advice on health, nutrition, supplements and of course the insertion of acupuncture needles to stimulate and re-balance your Qi.

What Happens At A Consultation?

After meeting your therapist you will be taken through a detailed consultation about your presenting complaint, recent and past medical history and general lifestyle questions. A physical examination of the face, tongue, hair, eyes etc is often useful to indicate your overall wellbeing.

Your therapist will then develop a treatment program tailored to your specific condition and will go through this with you. The first consultation is often a little longer than any follow up appointments that you may require. Expect your initial treatment to be approx 90 minutes, with follow up appointments around 60 mins.

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