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Ben Barker - Clinic Director
Stephen Moesbauer - Physiotherapist
David Sargeant - Physiotherapist
Stephen Pringle - Physiotherapist
Poonam Anandaraj - Physiotherapist
Andreea Ghimis - Physiotherapist
Ameema Allana - Chiropractor
Steve Miller - Osteopath
Louise Chatland – Osteopath
Ian Lewis – Osteopath
Vadim Kalganov - Osteopath
Helen Terentjev – Osteopath
Matt Bate - Massage
Dan Charter - Massage
Wayne Karl - Massage
Joella Kinser - Massage
Duncan Ford – Acupuncturist
Jin Kim – Acupuncturist
Kim Bee – Acupuncturist
Gail Davidson - Podiatrist
Ian Radford – Podiatrist
Catherine Pye - Podiatrist
Alex Davies – Podiatrist
Glenys Collings – Naturopath
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