Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is an ever growing and popular therapy, and is much in demand at our clinics in Cambridge, Peterborough, Spalding, Huntingdon, Kings Lynn & Stamford. Many of our clinics are located within Health Clubs, and therefore we have an unrivaled level of sports massage and sports injury specialists available to help all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a regular top-up massage to keep you going, or a sports specific injury, we have the answer.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a physical, hands-on massage applied directly to the skin and is used as a means to manage, mobilise, manipulate and rehabilitate the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Sports massage combines deep tissue work & stretching techniques to avoid injury & its recurrence. Regular massage relieves unbalanced muscles tensions, improving muscular functions & performance.

Sports massage is a perfect way to banish the stress & fatigue you have accumulated throughout your busy life. It is a very gentle form of body work which can have a profound effect on the mind & body.

Our sports massage therapists have a great understanding of muscle and skeletal anatomy and physiology, and often a keen interest in sport themselves. This puts them in the unique position to truly understand the dynamics of your chosen activity and the sports specific demands that that places on the body.

Our therapists work alongside highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors who provide the most complete and well rounded approach to injury recovery and maintenance.


Performance enhancement
Aid faster recovery
Reduce risk of injury to new sports and new training methods
Heal Sports specific injuries ie Tennis & Golfers elbow, Rotator Cuff tears, Achiles Tendonitis etc


Improved muscle tone and quality
Improved muscle length
Breakdown and remodelling of scar tissue
Improved circulation and lymph drainage
Performance enhancement pre-competition
Greater recovery post-exercise and competition