Soraya Bish – Cambridge Osteopath

Cambridge Osteopath Soraya Bish trained at the British School of Osteopathy in London and attained a Bsc (Hons) in Osteopathy in 2000.  Since this time Soraya has worked in private practice both in London, Cambridge and Saffron Walden.  This has given her a great and varied clinical experience treating patients of all ages from children through to the elderly.

She has treated various professional sports people from numerous circles including football, rugby, rowing, motorsports, golf and darts.  She has completed post-graduate studies in cranial osteopathy at the Sutherland Cranial College enabling her to provide both a structural and cranial approach to patient treatment and management according to each individuals needs.

In 2001 Soraya gained a Post-Graduate Diploma  in Animal Osteopathy following an additional year of study.  From these studies Soraya mostly treats horses and dogs.  Her equine osteopathic treatments consider not only the pain and dysfunction of the horse but also the impact of the rider and as such tailors her treatment approach to ensure both are of optimum health to obtain improved performance.  Through the treatment of animals, Soraya has developed her sense of touch and observation to isolate injured tissues as they are unable to communicate which areas are causing pain.


Osteopaths are often associated with bad backs, and this is for good reason. It is very much our speciality and we see and treat all types of back pain ranging from muscular aches and strains, to prolapsed and herniated discs.

However there is more to the human body than just backs, and osteopaths treat a variety of common conditions including:

Low Back Pain- Lumbago
Neck pain
Frozen shoulder
Tennis & Golfers Elbow
RSI & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Arthritic change to hips & Knees
Sprained ankles
Changes in posture and pain related to pregnancy
Sports injuries.


Osteopathy is a profession dedicated to assessing, treating and rehabilitating dysfunctional parts of the human body. These include muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments. Osteopathy is particularly concerned with restoring efficiency to the musculo-skeletal system. When the body runs smoothly there is less strain on its moving parts. Just like a car! Osteopathy is a physical, manual therapy that uses hands-on treatment such as soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, stretching, exercises and much more.

Osteopathy has lots of similarities to Physiotherapy and Chiropractic, but also a few differences. The difference between OsteopathyPhysiotherapy and Chiropractic are often based on the individual practitioner.