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Niketa Cartner – Sports Massage Therapist

I began studying sports massage whilst at sixth form as one of my modules for sports studies, my passion continued to grow whilst studying sports therapy at Teesside university.

I studied at Teesside between 2014-2017, training in both sports and remedial massage, trigger point therapy, injury rehabilitation and prevention, joint mobilisation and more.

I have been practising for the past 5 years and am keen to develop my education and knowledge in the near future.

As well as working at Total Health Cambridge, I am a club therapist at both Mildenhall Town FC and Cambridge United Academy.

Massage at Total Health

Massage is one of the most popular treatments available at our clinics. This is because we provide a wide range of different types of treatments and have over 30 practitioners qualified to provide this effective hands-on treatment. This means our patients can find the exact treatment they need to ease their problem.

There are hundreds of varieties of hands-on treatments and many practitioners use multiple techniques. The way that therapists use these hands-on techniques also varies, but often include, gentle stroking or kneading, touching, compressive, rolling, friction, and stretching to the muscles and soft tissues of the body. The therapists will often use oils to reduce the friction of treatment. The clinic has a number of hypo-allergenic massage lotions, although if you are unsure as to the suitability due to potential skin irritation, just inform your therapist.