Osteopath Peterborough

Ian Lewis – Osteopath

Ian is a Registered Osteopath. He completed his Bachelors of Osteopathy at the College of Osteopaths (Middlesex University, London) in June 2016. He holds a diploma in sports Injuries & massage and he has also completed training in therapeutic ultrasound and medical acupuncture.

Ian has diverse practice of treating people from all walks of life and has previously worked in Osteopathy clinics in London and East Anglia. He currently works as an Osteopath in Chatteris, St Ives, Cambridge and Norfolk.

His approach to treatment is generally quite conservative and gentle, but can be more firm when it needs to be. Ian has experience in managing patients with on-going rheumatologically / inflammatory joint conditions.

His interests lie in postural problems and rehabilitation. Whist at university, his undergraduate research focused on the evidence base of manual therapy for mechanical neck pain.

In his free time, he is a keen explorer, traveller and outdoor activity enthusiast. He is happy doing something as extreme as gliding or something as tame as sailing.


Osteopathy is a profession dedicated to assessing, treating and rehabilitating dysfunctional parts of the human body. These include muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments. Osteopathy is particularly concerned with restoring efficiency to the musculo-skeletal system. When the body runs smoothly there is less strain on its moving parts. Just like a car! Osteopathy is a physical, manual therapy that uses hands-on treatment such as soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, stretching, exercises and much more.

Osteopathy has lots of similarities to Physiotherapy and Chiropractic, but also a few differences. The difference between OsteopathyPhysiotherapy and Chiropractic are often based on the individual practitioner.