Peterborough Chiropractor

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Peterborough Chiropractor Ameema, qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic after graduating from the Anglo-European Chiropractic College with a Mchiro(Hons) in 2017.

Alongside her skills in sacro-occipital therapy, she enjoys treating an array of musculo-skeletal conditions including sport injuries, joint pains and headaches with focus on rehabilitation and prevention.

Prior to graduating she conducted research for infantile colic and regulatory disorders in early infancy and facilitated within a newborn feeding clinic alongside midwifery students to support and promote breast feeding. She holds a keen interest for treating pregnant and paediatric patients and hopes to conduct further research and training to specialise in this area.

Having siblings with rare genetic disorder, I was exposed to the role of manual therapy in treating neuro-muscular conditions from a young age, I appreciated the role that soft tissue therapy and manual therapies played in their pain management and mobility. I observed how chiropractic care helped resolve my mothers chronic back pain and spasms which built up from the years of manual lifting and care for my siblings. Whilst medication helps manage pain, I believe chiropractic care facilitates and promotes the bodies ability to heal  injured tissues, by optimising joint function, correcting neural alignment and restoring muscular balance.


Alongside her role as an active practitioner, she enjoys martial arts, kickboxing, traveling and exercise.