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Whiplash is commonly associated with incidents where the head is violently thrown forwards and back and most typically associated with car accidents. It most commonly presents as neck pain, stiffness and headaches.

Most people recover from whiplash quickly, often within just a few months, provided they receive appropriate pain management, start exercise early and get the right advice and treatment early.

More severe whiplash or individuals who have been inadequately managed may experience chronic neck pain and other ongoing complications.

Physiotherapy Treatment For Neck Pain

A stiff or painful neck is often associated with sleeping in an awkward position, prolonged computer use, muscle strain, or linked with bad posture. Research suggests that stress and anxiety can also cause tension in your neck muscles, which may lead to neck pain or worsen an existing problem.

Discomfort will often resolve very quickly, but if symptoms persist for more than a couple of days then you would benefit from our expert physiotherapy treatment for neck pain.

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