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Will Physiotherapy help me?

Our therapists have worked with some of the most elite athletes and sports clubs in the world. Including Aston Villa FC, West Ham United, Peterborough United, Boston United, Leeds United and many more. We have been providing Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sports…

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Total Health Clinics Podiatry

Have you got flat feet?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a podiatrist is, “Have I got flat feet?”. The answer is not as simple as it may appear at first glance. I hope that this post will help shed some light on this question and whether you or someone close to you may benefit for podiatry treatment.
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Total Health Clinics Physiotherapy

A Real Pain in the Back

Back pain - it's surprising it doesn't happen more often. The complexity of the make-up of our backs really isn’t given enough credit; a structure made up of bones, muscles, joints and nerves.The spine is made up of a total of 26 bones in the adult body and 33 pre adolescence (there are 9 bones that do not fuse together until adolescence is reached) and supports the weight of the upper body whilst providing posture and making allowances for flexibility and movement – it also protects the delicate spinal cord and meninges.
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Total Health Clinics Massage

How to Prevent DOMS

If you work out regularly DOMS may be something you have come across with following a workout, however many can be unsure how to prevent muscle soreness from developing.Whether you’re confused about what DOMS is or the causes and how to treat it, then read on to find out how to prevent DOMS and reduce your chances of developing it.
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Avoid Injury This Winter

We all do our best to avoid sports related injuries all year round but in winter it’s time to step up the prevention strategy. Winter sports, icy roads and cold conditions can all lead to injuries in winter and whether you’re a newbie or a regular on the exercise scene we can all be affected by injuries in winter.
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The Benefits of Foam Rolling

With many gyms now offering gym goers the opportunity to use foam rolling after their exercise routines have been completed and with many internet and high street retailers stocking foam rollers, many are often left wondering how to incorporate them into their recovery plan.Foam rolling can greatly benefit you post exercise, but it’s important to understand how to use this recovery technique, where to apply pressure and the benefits it can offer you.
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How to Avoid Common Running Injuries

It’s rather ironic that in our quest to keep fit and healthy this can sometimes result in injury. Knowing when you need to let your body rest and recuperate is crucial, and whilst many runners will experience the odd aches and pains, you should be aware of when a slight niggle becomes a bigger pain to help identify when it’s time to give it a rest.
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How a Chiropractor Can Give your Business a Boost

When the clock strikes 9am we can all be guilty of feeling like we’re chained to our desks, watching the hours tick away until 5pm when we are released back into the outside world. Whilst we do have breaks and we are of course allowed to leave our desks, the pressures we put on ourselves when it comes to our work life means that we aren’t always living the healthiest of lifestyles during our 9 to 5.
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