Time To Try Acupuncture?

When exploring treatment options for those hard to cure conditions, Acupuncture is often the therapy that is put forward.

Whether it’s Back Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Fertility, Migraine, IBS, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue, Insomnia – Acupuncture can help.

There are many different versions of Acupuncture – Eastern v Western, Trigger Point Therapy, Five Element, Traditional Chines Medicine, the list goes on!

The advantage of Total Health Clinics is- we provide them all!

But what about the needles? Is it painful? Does it ACTUALLY work?

Well here is your chance to try!

Take advantage of our Free Taste of Acupuncture treatment session. Just fill in our Online Booking Portal, Select Free Screen, Choose one of our experienced Acupuncturists Ian Radford, Duncan Ford, Jin Kim or Kim Bee.

You’ll receive a thorough assessment & examination about your presenting complaint, questionnaire about general medical health and an introduction to specific acupuncture treatment.

This offer is only available at our Cambridge and Spalding clinics. Don’t delay, book now!

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