Total Health Kinesiology

We have been providing Kinesiology at our clinics in Cambridge for a number of years.

The Benefits of Kinesiology

Recover from physical health problems

Experience increased emotional & mental wellbeing

Have the courage to make positive changes in life

Become more focused

Become more aware of your talents and specialities

Gain insight into the underlying causes of symptoms

What can it treat?

A wide variety of conditions have been successfully helped with kinesiology. A few of these include:

  • Asthma
  • Candida
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Digestive disorders
  • Low motivation
  • Smoking cessation
  • Skin problems
  • Stress
  • Trauma and shock
  • And many more

What does a treatment involve?

The practitioner uses a specific method of muscle testing to establish a means of communication with the client’s body. In this way the practitioner can proceed each step of the way with exactly what the patient needs for optimal healing. Treatments can involve western and eastern healing techniques, helping to bring balance to the meridian system, chakra system and supporting the physical body directly. Tools on hand to achieve this include nutritional supplements, energy balancing procedures and natural solution treatments, all of which are described further below, as well as other natural healing tools. Clients often find treatments fascinating and deeply relaxing.

Energy Balancing Procedures

Kinesiology Meridien Man

Like acupuncture, Health Kinesiology works with the meridian model of the human energy field from Ancient Chinese Medicine. However instead of using needles, light touch on specific acupoints or other energy reflexes is used to correct energy imbalances. Acupuncturists observe the energy system pulses in the wrist; HK practitioners observe the energy system by monitoring subtle muscle responses. The meridian energy system supplies life force to the individual. Each person has 14 energy meridians that exist in the body aura at skin level. Energy must flow freely along these meridians in order for the physical body to maintain optimum health.

Any stress, whether emotional, psychological, electromagnetic or nutritional impairs the energy system. Precise rebalancing of the energy system in the presence of the stress can eliminate or diminish the negative effects of these stimuli. Stimuli used in a session can include food, particular thoughts, and emotional states represented by essences such as Australian Bush Essences.


GirlwithSupplementsContact Reflex Analysis is a method of analysis that uses muscle testing to uncover the most appropriate herbal nutritional supplement support for each client. This method analyzes the flow of energy through specific reflex points on the body. Reflex points are similar to acupressure points. Each reflex point correlates to a specific tissue, gland, organ or body function. When the flow of energy to these reflexes is imbalanced this indicates a block in the energy flow to the corresponding bodily structure. Specific nutritional supplementation can restore the energy flow to the specific tissue, gland or organ and provide it with what it needs to restore its function.

The Practitioner points at different reflex points on the body while assessing the body’s energy response. A strong balanced energy response at a particular reflex point is indicated by a strong muscle response. An imbalanced energy response is indicated by a weak muscle response.

The most beneficial herbal nutrition from Nature’s Sunshine Products is identified with the muscle testing to restore energy balance and increase organ function.

Natural Solution Treatments

StackOfEquilibriumWithShado-248x300Natural Aura-Soma solutions can be used within a treatment to help bring emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Within a session a solution test may be applied directly on to the skin, passed through the aura, or breathed in. The description that accompanies each solution gives the client information as to what area of personal development the solution may be working on. These solutions contain essential oils, herbal extracts, minerals, crystals and natural plant colourings. The unique energetic qualities of a solution interact with our energy field, bringing balance to the chakras and other energy systems.

Following a session

Following the session it may be necessary for the client to regularly take nutritional supplements, use natural solutions or use other natural healing tools to support and continue the healing process. Everything will be explained to you by your practitioner, and full information given to you relating to any tools used. Subsequent sessions track progress and provide on-going support physically, mentally and emotionally.

Wendy Peck is our Cambridge Kinesiologistbased from the Cambridge Complementary Health Centre, and offers a 100% money back guarantee to new clients. If after your first session you do not feel the treatment has been worthwhile simply ask for your money back.

Where can I receive Kinesiology Therapy?

Cambridge Kinesiology- Cambridge Complementary Health Centre- 8 Rose Crescent, Cambridge. CB2 3LL


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What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology combines both modern and ancient healing techniques together in a powerful and effective treatment. By using modern muscle testing techniques to define specific problems, these are then combined with the well established healing techniques of Ancient Chinese Medicine. This information allows your kinesiologist to tailor make a specific treatment program to aid healing on a holistic basis.

What Happens At A Consultation?

After meeting your therapist you will be taken through a detailed consultation about your presenting complaint, recent and past medical history and general lifestyle questions. A physical examination of the face, tongue, hair, eyes etc is often useful to indicate your overall wellbeing.

Your therapist will then develop a treatment program tailored to your specific condition and will go through this with you. The first consultation is often a little longer than any follow up appointments that you may require. Expect your initial treatment to be approx 90 minutes, with follow up appointments around 60 mins.

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