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We have been providing Homeopathy for over 10 years in Cambridge and have one of the most experienced teams of practitioners available.

Homeopathy is one of the most established complementary therapies available, and our Homepathic clinics in Cambridge, Peterborough,Spalding, Milton Keynes and Northampton have helped many people resolve their conditions in a natural and drug free way. Our homeopaths offer free initial consultations to assess you and your condition with no charge.

How does homeopathy work?

The essence of homeopathic treatment is based on the understanding that the substance which produces symptoms or an illness in its natural state can effectively treat or reduce similar types of symptoms or illnesses in its homeopathic (dilute) form.

As a simple example, onions (Allium Cepa) when chopped can cause streaming eyes and a streaming nose yet when given in homeopathic form can be very useful in helping hay fever sufferers with streaming eyes and a streaming nose as main features of their complaint.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy helps the body overcome many different kinds of ailments using specially prepared natural medicines known as remedies. Remedies stimulate the body’s defence mechanism and allow the natural healing process to restore health without causing any short or long term side effects.

How are remedies made?

Remedies are made from a wide variety of natural sources including many plants, flowers, herbs and minerals. Some of these substances may be harmful in their original form however as homeopathic remedies, they are extremely harmless.

All substances used as homeopathic medicines go through a specific process of dilution to produce remedies which are non-addictive, non-toxic and non-habit forming. Remedies are made up in pillule, tablet or liquid form according to the treatment provided.

Who can benefit from homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathic remedies are useful for all ages and are extremely safe to take. Remedies can be given during pregnancy, to children and babies, to the elderly and to the immune compromised.

Because homeopathic remedies are completely safe they can also be taken along side other types of conventional and complementary healthcare treatments.


Homeopathic prescriptions are included in the consultation fee and may be dispensed at the end of the consultation or sent by post.

For patients requesting repeat prescriptions by telephone a fee is usually charged to include consultation and remedies.

Home Visits

A home visiting service is provided for clients who are unable to attend the clinic or who would prefer to be seen at home. The charge for this service may vary according to the practitioner so please ask reception for further details.


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Free Initial Consultation

Book a free consultation with any of our practitioners and they will assess you and your condition free of charge.

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What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective system of natural medicine, which has been used successfully for over 200 years and continues to be widely practised throughout the world today.

Homeopathy is based on natural medical principles known for thousands of years and aims to treat the whole person and not only the symptoms of disease in order to help restore health naturally.

What Happens At A Consultation?

As well as providing information regarding the presenting problem, details of your diet, lifestyle, medical history, general health and any hereditary symptoms are used to assess suitable treatment.

At the end of each consultation a prescription is arranged from three – six weeks time depending on the nature of the symptoms.

The length of time and severity of the condition can often give an indication for the duration of homeopathic treatment.

Factors such as age, general health and lifestyle are also taken into consideration as they contribute to the individuals healing process.

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