Physiotherapist Kings Lynn

Stephen graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2008 and heads up the Kings Lynn physiotherapy clinic.

Prior to joining the Total Health Care Clinics team in 2016 he worked for the NHS in Cambridgeshire. As a NHS physiotherapist Stephen has been able to gain valuable experience of working in a variety of physiotherapy specialities meeting the needs of a number of individuals suffering from many debilitating conditions. Simultaneous to Stephen working in the NHS he has gained valuable experience in the sports and fitness domain. In 2009 he commenced helping out local sports clubs and their members with the prevention, treatment and management along with the rehabilitation of both acute and chronic sports injuries.

He has been the physiotherapist for Wisbech Rugby Union F. C. and in 2010 he commenced a new role with West Norfolk Rugby Union F. C. where to date he is both the physiotherapist and the strength and conditioning coach. Stephen himself is a sports enthusiast and when he is not fulfilling his roles as a physiotherapist you can spot him out and about in the countryside clocking up the miles either cycling or running. Whenever he gets the chance he likes to go rambling with his family including the pet dog Guinness.