Podiatrist SpaldingGail Davidson graduated in 2010 from the University of Northampton after a three year degree in podiatric medicine and has worked in the Spalding area for over four years.
As a qualified podiatrist, she has gained experience working in the NHS and in private practice and has volunteered at the London marathon and worked alongside colleagues, to help the homeless in Oxford.

What is Podiatry?
Podiatry or chiropody as it is more commonly known, is a profession that analyses and cares for those that suffer from foot disorders and disease of the lower limb.
The purpose of a podiatrist is to treat painful conditions in order to improve the mobility and the quality of the patient’s life so that they can lead an independent life without pain or discomfort.

Treatment and advice on various lower limb and foot conditions include:
Arthritic feet Ingrown toenails
Diabetic foot problems Nail Surgery
Corns Insoles
Callus Footwear
Bunions Nail cutting
Chilblains Verrucae
Athlete’s foot (fungal) Toe deformities
Biomechanical problems Sweaty feet
Heel pain Surgery

When a podiatrist is needed?
When your body tells you that your feet hurt and something is wrong. This could be due to a number reasons and is advisable to consult a professional who will be able to check your feet.
Problems can also be prevented with regular check-ups or advice from your podiatrist on how to maintain your feet to keep them in tip top condition.

Why do I need to see a Health care professional council (HCPC) registered podiatrist?
To meet the criteria for registration and become a HCPC registered podiatrist you must have obtained a BSc (Hon) Podiatry degree, aimed exclusively at the foot and the lower limb and been trained to a high standard over a three/four year period.
In 2005 it became law that only those registered with HCPC and have met their criteria are able to promote themselves as podiatrist/ chiropodist.

Podiatry & Chiropody


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