Great Eastern Run Nutrition

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Over the last week I’ve been asked a few times about how best to plan hydration and nutrition when competing in a half marathon. No body wants to under-or-over fuel themselves or worst case, do a ‘Radcliffe,’ and have to … More »

Physio in Cambridge

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Are you feeling a little worse for wear? Has the recent improvement in the weather meant you have been out and about playing more sport, exercising or in the garden and you have found you are aching and suffering as … More »

Sports Injury Treatment in Milton Keynes.

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No sport is without risk, even when you consider a low impact activity like walking or swimming there is always a slight possibility of sustaining an injury.  When you then consider high impact sports or contact sports such as rugby … More »

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My job as Golf Professional meant that I had previously visited Ben at the Spalding and Bannantynes Clinics for treatment relating to stress of the golf swing on my back. It was when I was training for the 2009 London Marathon that I realised how... More testimonials Simon Fitton – Golf Professional